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Sunpentown Mini Tower Ceramic Heater w Washable Filter & Overheat Protection
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Space Heaters

Supplemental heaters can provide personal comfort for smaller areas. Reduce wear and tear on standard systems with supplemental units. These heaters can raise the temperature in a hurry! Reduce general operating costs with units for small spaces.

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SMART - "Off the Wall" Heater w "ThermaFlo"
Roger the Roadrunner from Calhoun, Ga.
Extra bedroom central heat does not cover
Oscillating Reflective Halogen Heater
Jim the tax man from Youngstown, Ohio
I use it in my small bedroom. Heats the room well.
Slim Line Heater w ThermaFlo Technology
Jan from Northern Wisconsin
Sooo quiet,hardly uses any electricity.Run it all the time in my basement bathroom to keep my pipes from freezing. Bought 2, one for a friend I thought it is such a fantastic little heater! I've used many different space heaters in the past and you can't get more "bang for your buck"!
Wall Mounted Micathermic Heater w Digital Thermostat
Rappersmom from Clayton, OH
This is my second solerus micathermic eco heater. I use my inital solerus micathermic heater in a room addition above my kitchen (approx 14x8 triangular ceiling) which is without duct work for heat or insulated. This room is the foundation for the roof over the kitchen. I found the heater to be quiet, maintained a constant room temperature and no noticible impact on my electric as I used the eco setting. I liked that the surface temperature remained warm to the touch, no blowing from a fan and it would heat the room within 20 mins. I highly recommend this product.
Wall Mounted Micathermic Heater w Digital Thermostat
Millie from Tennessee
Very inexpensive to operate and heats really quick and very hard to find. Everyone needs one or more of these as they are great